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Cool Tool

Cool Tool

Instantly cools skin, naturally stimulating circulation which helps ease inflammation, irritation, redness and under eye bags. The Cool Tool is great anytime one needs the calming of the skin but also enhances any routine as it tightens pores and softens lines by aiding in the delivery of botanical ingredients


Utilizes a proprietary solid alloy technology that offers a cooling effect for up to 30 minutes right out the box, this tool may be used safely anywhere on the face, neck or body, alone or in conjunction with skincare items


Boosts lymphatic drainage for a more contoured look and supported immune system

Cool Tool

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    • Place in the refrigerator for an hour or longer for maximum cooling effect
    • Once cold, use with a serum, moisturizer and or facial oil. Apply gentle pressure, then with a smooth gliding motion massage the face; Start at the “11's” between the eyes, then cross the forehead, make way to the temples to the under-eye area, treat bags moving outward from the nose. Finish the facial portion of treatment around the mouth; Cross the smile lines down the cheeks before ending on the neck with sweeping motions. Treaments should be 3-5 minutes
    • Sanitize with alcohol or soap and water after each use,  then place back in the refridgerator

    Don't store Cool Tool in the freezer - this will result in injury as the instrument can stick to the skin or become too cold and traumatize the skin

  • Skin Types
      All skin types


    • Calms & soothes
    • Reduces redness
    • Great for irritation
    • Gives sunburn relief
    • Helps products penetrate
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