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Portlands best facials

True Beauty offers a variety of facials, each customized for the face in hand. All consist of a pre-cleanse, deep cleanse, an exfoliating treatment and mask, followed with recommended skincare

Browse facial options & add-ons below


Exfoliates dead cells and shaves vellus hair; Instantly providing a brighter, smoother complexion


Ideal for moments that require flawless makeup application or gorgeous, bare skin. Helps skinproducts absorb better the following week, adding benefit to invested items


Book a facial with extractions if you've got acne, blemishes, blackheads, comedones or milia requiring attention

First, pores are cleansed & exfoliated preparing them for extraction. After the impurities are removed the skin is calmed with an anti-inflammatory mask to help prevent bruising


Tiny, pyramid-like structures, thinner than a strand of hair penetrate medical-grade serums through the skin's surface into the epidermis


NanoFacials increase collagen supply for 30 days; They instantly yield a brighter, plumper, more hydrated complexion


Become the esthetician and learn to master your skin at home. A happy, healthy, glowing complexion shouldn't be by appointment only

After testing for allergies & reactions our Master Esthetician will recommend a clinically proven skincare system that's enjoyable, quick & easy to use

what they're Saying

"Never looked or felt better"

-  Catherine on Google


143 NE 6th Ave, Portland Oregon


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