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An FDA approved Cold Therapy that triggers the bodies natural ability to restore itself. Great for restoring thinning hair, addressing stubborn areas of fat, smoothing cellulite, tightening the skin, lightening pigmentation, calming eczema & psoriasis

A carbon dioxide mist cools the desired area to a near-freezing temperature, this induces vasodilation which instantly benefits the skin & underlying muscles in several ways; Norepinephrine, a hormone that causes inflammation in follicles and leads to hair loss is suppressed and expressed as the pores shrink; After a few seconds of treatment fat cells burst like a can of soda left in the freezer, making this an effective treatment for subcutaneous fat & cellulite; after a successful treatment the body warms itself via vasodilation, which supplies the skin oxygenated blood, hormones and nutrients that brighten & tighten

Cryotherapy generally yields no long-term side effects; dryness, redness & itching for a few days post treatment is normal. Those prone to pigmentation can develope darkening of the skin during the treatment course but it will fade over time. For optimal results, 1 treatment per week for 6 weeks is recommended, followed by monthly maintenance sessions



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