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Treatments to avoid

RF (Radio Frequency) Microneedling Devices

This treatment is currently trending however it's been proven highly dangerous and sometimes does the exact opposite of it's claims ...

Traditional Microneedling works by delivering micro-injuries to the skin; controlled wounding is beneficial, it improves our ability to produce collagen and absorb products. In ALL RF Microneedling sessions you get about 1% of these micro-injuries as these devices are unable to perform at the same pace of any typical Microneedling device due to having to deliver the radio frequency

Not only is RF Microneedling lackluster in comparison to its predecessor; but the heat these treatments deliver into the skin is highly dangerous to one's complexion and facial physique. ALL radio frequency devices have documented cases of completely obliterating the clients facial fat, resulting in pigmentation issues or droopy, crepey skin on the face & neck that requires a facelift and fat transfers to address

Higher amounts of heat & energy should never be applied to deeper layers of tissue as they can compromise the subcutaneous fat, the underlying structure that determines how full, smooth and supple the skin looks

Popular RF Microneedling Devices

  1. Agnes RF

  2. Goldskin Pro

  3. Lumenis

  4. Matrix™

  5. Morpheus8

  6. Nouvelle

  7. Pixel-8

  8. Potenza

  9. Profound

  10. Scarlet SRF

  11. Secret™

  12. Virtue RF

  13. Vivace

There are many RF Microneedling Devices. Be careful and don't be fooled into paying top dollar for a horrible end result with all the safer / more beneficial options out there


Ablative Fractional Laser Devices

CO2 and Fractional Lasers should also be avoided. Like RF Microneedling Devices these lasers have many documented cases of destroyed complexions. Deeper laser treatments risk compromising the underlying structures of tissues and melt away healthy facial fat needed to look supple & youthful. Also the inflammation these treatments cause often results in irreversible scars, hyper and or hypo pigmentation

Popular Laser Devices

  1. Alma Femilift CO2

  2. CO2RE

  3. Fraxel Laser

  4. Halo Laser by Sciton

  5. Pretty Lasers CO2

  6. SmartXEL

  7. UltraPulse

If you've been thinking about getting RF Microneedling, Fractional or CO2 laser treatments consider the True Peel, this Chemical Peel is proven far more safe & effective than any Skin Resurfacing Laser


HydraFacials / Silk Peels

Referred to as "The Lazy Estheticians Facial"

Hydrodermabrasion isn't a treatment you'll find here at True Beauty for several reasons

The point of a facial is to have a fully customized, beneficial experience and one just doesn't get that with HydraFacials & Silk Peels; With only 3 different serum infusions to choose from, all of which have been proven to disturb the skins barrier and lack any and all the customization of a traditional facial you'll almost surely end up with unwanted side effects such as redness, dryness & scaling

Plus it's impossible to know if the client is turning red due to the suction, serum infusion or too much abrasion, these modalities shouldn't ever be combined. Infact, Hydrodermabrasion is far less effective than Microdermabrasion simply because the skin is wet in the process; imagine trying to vacuum a wet carpet or raking wet leaves off the lawn - These activities are better done on a dry surface ...

Hydrodermabrasion also requires higher suction levels to control the fluids, putting the client at risk of broken capillaries and or worsening of any rosacea or facial telangiectasia

Stick with traditional Microdermabrasion, you'll get far more bang for the buck, and better results


Red Light Therapy

There's no actual scientific evidence to suggest Red Light Therapy serves any real benefits. All claims of its benefits are completely theoretical and until there's evidence to show otherwise this just isn't a treatment you'll find at True Beauty

Most devices that've been developed simply don't work as they're unable to deliver light at the depth needed to even theoretically work. Also, devices that rest on or make contact with the skin dry it via the heat produced by the equipment. A proper Red Light Device (if existing) doesn't make contact with the skin

If you're looking to receive a Red Light Therapy treatment a device to consider trying is called the Lumiere. If the benefits of Lumiere become proven then you may find it here in the future ...


Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma or Fibrin (PRP/PRF)

PRP & PRF Injections are so 5 years ago; They require the client to go through more discomfort than necessary with the blood draw as well puts them at much higher risk of contamination / infection throughout the process of drawing, spinning and application. Not to mention PRP & PRF smells awful and can be nauseating, which is extra unpleasant after having your blood drawn

If you've been getting or thinking about scheduling PRP or PRF Injections give Stem Cell Therapy a try instead; it uses human donor cells so there's no need for a blood draw and the botanical substance containing the extracted cells is completely odorless, making Stem Cell Therapy the best and most comfortable way to enhance the benefits of Microneedling


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