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Treating Dark Circles

What causes dark circles?

Although most think otherwise, dark circles aren’t a skin laxity issue; What causes dark circles to become more prominent over time is we metabolize the fat under our eyes and see more blood in the skin that’s always been there but has become more noticeable with age. Those with fast metabolism will see this happen much sooner than individuals that have a slower metabolism or struggle with obesity

How to treat dark circles

Crafty marketing from leading companies using beautiful models has led us to believe their magical eye crème is going to restore our under eyes... However tightening skin doesn’t restore its lost volume so don’t be fooled by any crèmes claiming to reduce dark circles. You might see some minor improvement from using them but it's unlikely; In fact there’s no eye crème in this world that’s going to get rid of dark circles - But guess what?! There's something that can; Recovery Fat Pad Restoring Complex, this potent fish oil omega complex restores lost under eye volume over time, it also provides volume to other fat pads throughout the body such as the breasts & gluteal areas without causing unwanted weight gain along the waistline

Recovery is a must have in your diet, it has many benefits so we recommend it to just about all our clients, especially those with particular ailments. It’s great eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea with its potent anti-inflammatory, skin nourishing properties. It works by distributing small amounts of healthy fats, omegas & antioxidants into the blood stream which feeds the skin with essential, vital nutrients

Recovery is rocketing in beauty businesses around the world; Not only can it prevent the need for facial fillers, but those already getting filler will see them last much longer on Recovery and may even decide they prefer its results

Purchase Recovery in our online skincare shop or take it home after your next appointment

We want to end this blog saying I have a huge respect for Dr. Ben (creator of Osmosis Beauty) and our other colleagues that are joining us in embracing this new trend in age positive products; Allowing ourselves not to feel the pressure from todays world constantly telling us we need botox & injections to be beautiful … We all grow old, instead of trying to hide from this natural, beautiful process it’s best to focus on our overall health and age the best we can, naturally, in ways that benefit our physical & emotional wellbeing


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