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Chemical Peels vs Lasers

Which is better?

With all the social media ads you're seeing you may be considering trying one of these expensive, prestigious laser resurfacing treatments to address your pigmentation or melasma; But think twice before you do, they're often all hype, super risky and there's truly better options available at a fraction of the cost

If you're looking for undeniably impressive results then for sure a Chemical Peel is the better option. When you fully understand how each treatment works it's easier to understand this comparison but just try to visualize the following analogy and you should be able to follow along easily ...

All laser devices are only capable of producing one wavelength of light at a time. Now with that in mind imagine spilling coffee on a white T-Shirt and your only tool to fade the stain was sunlight; Even if you hung that shirt in the sunniest part of the world, the lightest that dark brown stain would become is a light caramel color, no matter how long it was left in the light and the garment would indefinitely crumble in the process. Keep in mind that's using ALL wavelengths of light, when your laser treatment can only produce one ... This is what lasers offer in their effort to chase perfection; they all inevitably plateau in their results and compromise future integrity of the skin and often lead to dull / lackluster complexions

There's no laser out there that actually improves skin health; they don't feed, nourish or provide any benefit to cellular health. Lasers either heat an unwanted chromophore in the skin or sear the surface, resulting in molting due to injury, which can sometimes temporarily improve its appearance however isn't beneficial as the skin can only heal any injury by 80%, so each treatment the skins health is significantly weigned

What you need to remove those stains is a little tide-to-go for people and that's exactly what a Chemical Peel delivers. Peel solutions contain many ingredients that can effectively target darkened skin cells and safely desquam the pigment within while promoting new collagen growth and removing damaged layers of tissue via drying the skin with a low PH, organically derived solution. No injury takes places, skin cells are stimulated and fed lightening agents, antioxidants and DNA repairing molecules; Providing a much more impressive outcome with lasting results

Chemical Peels have been a dermatology go-to for decades. Not only do they beautify the skin, they indefinitely improves its health but can also remove unwanted growths such as keratosis and sometimes have the ability to normalize mutated cells in the tissue that may turn into cancerous lesions

Bottom line, if you want truly beneficial results, a chemical peel is the way to go. Lasers should only be used for vascular disorders, hair and tattoo removal. Our Master Esthetician Harley True developed our proprietary chemical peel, the True Peel back in 2012 and since then no treatment industry has been able to match it's results. Book an appointment now and see if you're a candidate for treatment


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